13th March – Injury Update

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Pete Knight joined Warren Port as one of DK’s long term injured following his injury during Saturday’s game at Bedford. Pete dislocated his left kneecap which require hospitalisation on Saturday evening. He needed a general anaesthetic to manipulate the kneecap back into place. The initial news is good as he was put in plaster and was able to walk out of hospital unaided on Sunday morning. He will see a specialist later this week to assess the extent of the injury once the swelling has subsided. Pete ever the optimist hopes to get one game in before the season is over. Don’t hold your breath but you never know with Pete. The news on Warren’s injury is that his dislocated elbow is taking longer to heal than first expected. He sustained the injury scoring the winning try in the game against South Leicester in January, but it is not responding to treatment and his return to training and playing appears to be some way off.